Devonshire Keep Dungeon Guide


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Dungeon Strategy


It is currently advised to take the eastern road toward Wiktor (you will be fighting the much easier Sporeshambler encounter instead of the tough Guardian of Devonshire encounter). Through smart choices you will only have to fight 5 encounters (Burning Throng, Mindpyre Wraith, Sporeshambler, Cloaked Figure, and Spitfire Elemental) before facing the Dungeon boss, Wiktor. Therefore you can essentially avoid 6 encounters (2 of which is a result of dialogue choice, 4 of which is a result of path taken).

If you beat the optional Charred Zombies and Firestorm encounters, you’re granted a choice of ONE AI-only card that you can have in your deck for the remainder of the dungeon (Power of Blood, Power of Diamond, Power of Ruby, Power of Sapphire, Power of Wild). This is not worth it.

If you beat the Guardian of Devonshire and Burning Zombie encounters then Wiktor’s starting hand size drops from 10 to 7 (although if he mulligans he goes back up to 10 cards, which seems to be a bug). Your dungeon lives also get reset but that also seems like a visual bug.

Deck Choice

The dungeon is littered with abilities granting your cards in hand a debuff that has them deal 2 damage to yourself at end of turn if not played. This is a strong ability that you must build around. Lifedrain cards work great in this dungeon because the debuff is cancelled out thanks to your Lifedrain troops gaining you back any damage dealt in terms of life gain. Lifedrain troops and effects are also great because the dungeon has a ton of aggro troops and fast starts as well as Burning debuffs that can be hard to come back from otherwise. In case it’s not clear: STACK YOUR DECK WITH LIFEDRAIN TROOPS!

A few of the tough fights (Spitfire Elemental encounter and Wiktor encounter) render your 1 toughness troops nearly useless so you will want to avoid having too many of those. Toxin cards in your hand will need discarding so effects that allow you to do that (whether it be class abilities or cards themselves) should be prioritized. Wiktor is the toughest fight and he starts the game with a Spitfire Elemental so early removal is a must if you want to have a good shot at completing this dungeon.

Dungeon Decks

Below you will find a collection of decks built specifically for this encounter. These are user submitted decks so your mileage may vary. If you have a deck that you feel handles this dungeon well, feel free to add it to this list. Just choose “Devonshire Keep” when choosing the Dungeon this deck belongs to.

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Dungeon Loot

Completing the dungeon grants you a Devonshire Keep pack (two if you’re a Dungeon Crawler KS backer) which has 5 items (2 PvP Cards, 1 PvE Card, and either 2 Equipment or 1 Equipment and 1 Stardust or 2 Stardust).


The items exclusive to these packs are: Blight Steed, Bulwark of Faith, Burning Armband, Burning Zombie, Faith’s Shield, Faithful Gauntlets, Ghostly Wrap, Lady Devonshire, Sealed Tomb, Sewn Sigil Gloves, Spiritual Slippers, Spore Shine Shoots, Sporeshambler, Steed Whip, and Tombskin Hands. The chase item here is the legendary Lady Devonshire and her legendary equipment Spiritual Slippers.

Dungeon Encounters


Name: Burning Throng Encounter
Starting Life: 15
Starting Hand Size: 7
Terrain Effects: When your turn starts, burning champions get additional burning 2.
Strategy: The AI will try to buff its troops with an ability that debuffs you with Burning. Burning is an extremely dangerous debuff on your champion which you want to avoid. A Burning of 3 would for example deal 3 damage at end of your first turn, then 2 damage on your next end phase, and then 1 damage on the third end phase before it fizzles out. The bad news is that the terrain effects keep renewing your burning effect so you want to avoid it at all costs or else it’s pretty much game over. The opponent does have some combat tricks, including Crushing Blow which can activate Burning even when you block a troop. So if you see the opponent making a questionable attack, assume it has a Crushing Blow and block in a way to avoid all damage from a buffed version of the attacking troop if possible (or leave resources available+removal for these instances if you can afford to do so). If your opponent casts an Ignite, then you will either need to race the damage (doable given opponent starts at 15 health) or rely on some Lifedrain troops. Also be on the lookout for Voracious Vultures that can come out early.

Name: Mindpyre Wraith Encounter
Starting Life: 17
Starting Hand Size: 7
Strategy: Mindpyre Wraith’s passive ability can wreck you pretty bad if you keep an opening hand with many expensive cards. Your troops with Lifedrain will regain that life for you, essentially negating the effect, so those are great to have in your starting hand. Don’t be afraid to mulligan aggressively to have the right starting hand because the rest of the encounter is not that tough. Also if you’re a Mage, don’t forget to use your Soothsaying draw/discard ability to get rid of problematic cards in your hand. The ability stacks so keep your extra shards in hand hoping the ability hits them instead of some mass removal or other card you don’t want to be forced into playing.

Name: Sporeshambler Encounter
Starting Life: 22
Starting Hand Size: 7
Strategy: The opponent here tries to get zombies in play and then sacrifice them to create Seed counters with its activated powers. The Zombies need to be sacrificed for this to happen so it’s not the worst thing in the world. Evasion troops should do a fine job getting by but if you’re stuck with ground troops then attacking aggressively will earn you some blocks, making the amount of Seed Pods manageable. With the opponent’s Rotmutt you can take the 5 life hit if you got life to spare but otherwise it might be smart to give the buffs to one specific one if you happen to have removal or a Lethal troop.

Name: Cloaked Figure Encounter
Starting Life: 24
Starting Hand Size: 7
Strategy: Toxin cards essentially steal from your draw phase and mostly are cards you want to avoid playing. However the problem is exacerbate in this encounter with cards like Mindpyre Revenant and Mindpyre Wraith which force you to play the toxin cards if the match stalls out. Then a prolonged battle will see even more Toxin cards in your hand and it becomes a steep hill to reverse. Some toxins are actually perfectly castable like Nourishing Toxin (Each opposing champion gains 5 health to draw 2 cards) and Dreaming Toxin (Each champion draws two cards).

Name: Spitfire Elemental Encounter
Starting Life: 23
Starting Hand Size: 7
Strategy: His champion ability essentially does one damage to all your troops. 1 toughness troops will die after an attack as well so they’re essentially useless in this encounter. If you have multiple troops then don’t attack with all as it will likely kill a lot of your troops.

Dungeon Boss

Name: Wiktor Encounter
Starting Life: 40
Starting Hand Size: 7 or 10
Strategy: You’re going to want to mulligan in a way that you can get rid of the Spitfire Elemental as soon as possible. Besides that, the major thing to watch out for is once again an early Overwhelming hunger. He also has a ton of Power of Blood (-1/-1 to all) cards in his deck so don’t overcommit your low toughness troops. Few combat tricks are present in his deck like Ruby Aura and Blood Aura so watch out for those. Once again some Toxins are playable (especially Lifegain one) so use it if you really need it. You’re probably even going to need to cast the bad ones at times but since you’re always drawing cards you should be able to make up for the damage. Your life total is the biggest resource that needs management and some skill is required in navigating this challenging encounter.

Optional Encounters

Name: Guardian of Devonshire Encounter
Starting Life: 21
Starting Hand Size: 7
Note: First time she uses her champion power she transforms into Devonshire Poltergeist, she loses her Peaceful Soul and instead gains: (Vengeful Soul – Your troops in all zones have +3 Attack)
Her champion power becomes Blood 6 -> Draw three cards and lose 3 health. Then it transforms back into Guardian of Devonshire and gains Peaceful Soul, which is her original ability.
Strategy: The 3 armor will block out a lot of your damage early. You need to be ready for when she transforms and all its troops (including many flying) have +3 attack. Many of the opponent’s troops have 1 health so they’re not hard to kill, but you will have to find a way to survive until she transforms back and you can stabilize.

Name: Mindpyre Revenant Encounter
Starting Life: 22
Starting Hand Size: 7
Note: This encounter only appears when you elect to choose “Cross to the other side of the room” in the dialogue.
Strategy: Sweltering Zombies combined with the passive doing damage results in a really effective aggro deck you’ll need to be ready to deal with. Once again mulliganing aggressively will be important and keeping low cost cards, removal, and Lifedrain troops are your best bet. The Cerebral Fulmination should help you draw into the cards you need but always check which cards in your hand have the debuff that deals 2 damage to you at end of turn and prioritize playing those. If he plays Mindpyre then hopefully you can finish things up quickly or have enough Lifedrain at your disposal to withstand the sustained damage.

Name: Charred Zombies Encounter
Starting Life: 18
Starting Hand Size: 7
Strategy: The biggest thing to watch out for is a Overwhelming Hunger. This combined with some Ruby burn and tricks can be hard to come back from if you have a slow start. If you have a board clear, keep it ready. Some good early blockers go a long way so mulligan accordingly.

Name: Firestorm Encounter
Starting Life: 22
Starting Hand Size: 7
Note: Beating this encounter will grant you a Power of [Shard] card that’s normally reserved for AI decks. You will have one copy of it in your deck for the remainder of the dungeon.
Strategy: Firestorm has a ton of cards that give you the Burning effect. Notably Ignite and Cinder Walker (equipped with Speed gem) can come out of nowhere so paired with his champion power it can lead to board wipes if you over-commmit. Spitfire Elemental is another card at his disposal so play only as many troops as you need. Inferno Goliath is a troop you’ll likely want to save your direct removal for.

Name: Burning Zombie Encounter
Starting Life: 22
Starting Hand Size: 7
Note: This encounter only appears when you elect to choose “Remove gem” in the dialogue.
Terrain Effects: Each turn, choose a champion to draw a card.
Strategy: You should pretty much always be choosing your own champion to draw cards here. Mulligan aggressively to have at least one direct removal and you’ll be fine. Otherwise your opponent could easily have a 10+ attack troop with Crush and Swiftstrike that will quickly kill you. If you have conditional removal that targets small troops, don’t forget to kill your opponent’s troop just after he targets it with his champion power.

Name: Rotting Knight Encounter
Starting Life: 22
Starting Hand Size: 7
Note: This encounter only appears when you elect to choose “Leave the zombie alone” in the dialogue. Completing this encounter burns off the western side of the map rendering you incapable of completing the Charred Zombies and Firestorm encounters if you haven’t done those already.
Strategy: Rotting Knight is a pretty easy and predictable encounter. The opponent has a few discard related cards such as Bloatcap and Misfortune and tries to get you to fewer than 3 cards so his champion ability has any significance. Obviously you will attack/defend and cast your cards wisely not to needlessly get your hand below this threshold and from thereon nothing should pose you too much of a challenge.

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