With the recent release of Frostheart, the Frost Ring Arena had a major upgrade. The least of which to its difficulty! While it used to be easy to clear the arena with a “perfect” score in a relatively short amount of time, it is now hard to just find a configuration that consistently do perfects, let alone being fast at it.

To address that, I present to you the Tron deck!

This deck was specifically built to address the wide range of very powerful strategies you encounter while working your way through the Arena. It has multiple angles of attack, it is very fast and it has a lot of play to it. No configuration is perfect though. The list is a complicated one to pilot and caters to more experienced players so be warned; You will lose fights to wrong decisions more than any other factor combined while learning how to play the deck!

Once you do master it however, you’ll find that you will breeze through the Arena in no time and that you only lose to extreme circumstances if at all!

You will find in this guide a detailed overview of the deck. We will also detail a few of the main “sequencing lines” with video examples to get you started. You will not learn everything here however (there is just too much to cover) but you will learn enough to start farming efficiently and with nearly perfect success rate!

The Game Plan

At its core, Tron is a “Reanimator” type deck meaning that your primary goal will be to use Mordrom’s Gift (with the speed gem) to get Optimatron from your crypt into play immediately attacking for what will usually be a “one hit kill” thanks to its massive stats and his chest equipment providing crush!

As a secondary win condition, Tron can also function as a dedicated bury deck being able to Bury any 60 cards deck in one turn. It achieves this by playing Absolute Power while having a Slithering Marauder in play. The Marauder will be reducing the cost of all actions in your hand by 1, and since you just drew your whole deck, you will now be able to just play all available Chronic Madness for free. You then proceed to redraw a number of them thanks to free Arcane focus or cheap Theorize and Change Courses. With the escalating nature of Chronic Madness, you’ll be burying your opponent’s deck in just a few clicks. It is however the “longest” path to victory as you will have to discard all but 10 cards from your hand at the end of the turn which tends to require quite the number of clicks and animations.

You will quickly find that you rarely have to rely on the secondary win condition. The great majority of the time, you will be using one of the many ways for the deck to play Mordrom’s Gift to get a massive speed Optimatron swinging.





Specific Card Notes

Slithering Marauder

  • Marauder has two main targets:
  • Secondary target
    • Succumb to Madness – sometimes you won’t have either of the previous target in your crypt, in which case you can just target this to get a winning combo going


  • If you are paying for its cost, you are doing something wrong or will likely be loosing that game!
  • Do not play Optimatron without its chest equip (gives him crush)

Chronic Madness

  • Never use it on your opponent unless you are “combo-killing” them in one turn (Marauder into Absolute Power combo).

Succumb to Madness

  • Although you can play it without its head equipment, playing with the head equipment will provide with a significant speed boost.
    • The head equipment does changes the way you use the card in a significant way
  • *IMPORTANT* Be mindful of the thresholds you have before playing it
    • If you do not have access to 2 Sapphire thresholds, you won’t be able to play additional Marauders
    • If you do not have access to 2 Blood thresholds (playing it from Marauder), you won’t be able to play the card you select if it has 2 of any thresholds!
  • *IMPORTANT* Always know how many copies of Absolute Power, Marauder and Optimatron are in your hand/crypt before you play it

Mordrom’s Gift

  • With its equipment, it can also get troops from the opposite crypt. If you are in a bad spot (not drawing any enabler and no troop in your crypt) getting something from the opposite crypt can save your life!

Absolute Power

  • If you chose to draw more cards than you have in your deck, you will lose the game!
  • Be mindful of what is left in your deck before drawing the whole thing. There are some narrow scenario where drawing your whole deck will not lead to a kill and will leave you dead on your next turn.

Forgotten Triolith

  • This is the Swiss Army Knife of the deck, use it often and for all its modes!
  • You can use it to ramp into Gift, Marauder or even Absolute Power.
  • Use it for its weapon equip as a Crypt enabler to get key cards out from your hand.
  • Use it to kill early treats to give you time to “combo” with slower hands
  • You can even win games only on the back on Triolith if you have a couple in play!


How To Play The Deck

As mentioned earlier, our goal is to play a Marauder to play a Gift to play an Optimatron with speed for the “1 hit KO“. However, Succumb to Madness adds an element of random to the combo. The deck has enough redundancy to be able to combo off one way or another in all but extremely bad “rng” scenarios. Sometimes you’ll need to be a bit more creative than the “standard” play patterns but it will be very rare that you don’t have a way to win. If you do, you likely made a sub-optimal decision in the early turn or kept a bad hand. Consider this deck as a quick puzzle to solve each game.

The weakness of the deck is that it has no interaction. Thankfully, the deck’s consistency and power will enable you to win most games on turn 3 or 4. You will win through one of the combos in a single turn. As such, one of the only way you will be losing is by keeping a slow hand vs and aggressive opponent.

You should not be keeping hands without either of the enablers (Succumb or Marauder). Accounting for the free mulligan rule of PVE, you have two shots at 65% chance of having at least one of them (with 59% chance on the third hand, down to six cards). You will have to be very unlucky not to find a suitable hand wihtin the first 3. Even then, if you see a hard with 2-3 shards and 1 to 3 card draw actions, you can generally keep it expecting to find an enabler in the early turns.

You will find bellow the most common play patterns to use with the deck. A few fringe cases where also added (like Succumb deciding to go to the extremes or when the crypt doesn’t line up) to show how to adapt to more complicated situations. You will also find a few loss videos to give you an idea of the few rare scenarios where we end up with a loss.

Succumb to Madness play patterns

  • Succumb kills
    • Turn 3 Succumb -> Marauder -> Gift -> Tron | Video S.1
    • Turn 3 Succumb -> Marauder -> AP -> Tron swing | Video S.2
    • Turn 3 Triolith -> Succumb -> Maurauder -> Gift -> Tron | Video S.3
    • Turn 3 Succumb into more bury/draw to improve Tron before swing | Video S.4
    • Turn 2 Succumb into Turn 3 second Tron swing for the win | Video S.5
    • Turn 4 Succumb into Gift -> Tron into second Marauder to grow Tron | Video S.6
  • Succumb difficult scenarios
    • Turn 3 Succumb (no Tron) (Uruunaz fight!) | Video S.7
    • Turn 3 Succumb into 2nd Succumb into Tron kill | Video S.8
    • Turn 2 Succumb (no Marauder) transitioned into a bury kill turn 4 | Video S.9
    • Risky keep into searching for shards transitioned into a Succumb kill turn 4 | Video S.10

Slithering Marrauder play patterns

  • Marauder kills
    • Turn 3 Triolith -> Marauder -> AP -> Marauder -> Gift -> Tron | Video M.1
    • Turn 3 Marauder (from Triolith) -> Gift -> Marauder -> Gift -> Tron (small) with an additional turn attack for the win (risky pattern) | Video M.2
    • Turn 3 Marauder -> AP -> Chronic Madness bury combo | Video M.3

Others play patterns

When Things go wrong (losses)


Last Words

I hope you will find the deck as engaging and entertaining to play as I do. If you find that the turns are very long, do not despair. After a run or two, you’ll find that you can finish most games very quickly. Once you master it, you’ll be able to consistently get runs that are within the 30 to 35min range with a high percertage of perfect runs.




  1. Thanks for posting this. I bought this deck based on your videos, but was losing occasionally because I didn’t know all of the finer points you have now outlined in this article. I will play it with a deeper understanding now. Thank you for taking the time to share this.


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