Edit: The release date for Herofall has now been announced: September 7th. Now’s the time to reserve your cards!

Hello HEXers!

The new Hex TCG PvP expansion Set, Herofall, has just been fully spoiled in the test servers and is expected to be released in the coming weeks. We’ll soon be trying out wacky new decks or tinkering with our favorite old ones with 275 shiny new Set 5 cards! This might actually be the best Set yet with amazing art, interesting new mechanics only possible in a digital TCG, and power levels that rival the original core set: Shards of Fate.

Hex Entertainment has also recently shared how Set and Gem rotations will work, according to which Set 5 will be the last Set that can be played along with Set 1 and 2 in the Standard format. Encapsulating the maximum 5 Sets for the first time, and with the old Gems rotating out giving way to 20 brand new Gems with 20 brand new Champions, the Standard constructed metagame is sure to be wide open!

Can’t wait to build that crazy new combo deck? Want to start dominating the Constructed Ladder right from the get-go? Want to complete your Set 5 Playset before anyone else? Then we’ve got something special you might be interested in: we are making all 275 cards available (in limited quantities) for Pre-Purchase starting today! Purchase the cards now, and be guaranteed to have them in your Hex TCG Mail Inbox within 12 hours of the actual release. That’s right. You will have what you need less than a day after the launch!


Here is the Pre-Purchase FAQ:

    -When exactly will you deliver my Pre-Purchased cards?

    We will send all Pre-Purchased cards within 12 hours of the game client being available for log-in and play with Set 5 cards. The order in which we mail the items will be in the order of Pre-Purchases: the sooner you Pre-Purchase, the faster you will get them on release day. (Note: In case of unforeseen technical difficulties caused by Hex TCG itself such as heavy lag, in-game mail system problems, etc. this time may be extended until Hex Ent. resolves the issues).

    – How long will the Set 5 cards be available for Pre-Purchasing?

    Assuming they are in-stock, all Set 5 cards will be available for Pre-Purchase from now until they are released within the client. Once we deliver all Pre-Purchases, we will then refresh our stock of Set 5 cards and update the Shop.

    – How many copies of each card can I Pre-Purchase?

    You may purchase up to a playset of each Set 5 card (= 4 copies each).

    – Can I get a refund if I change my mind about my Pre-Purchase at any time before the release date?

    Because of the limited quantity of Set 5 cards made available for Pre-Purchase in our Shop, and your Pre-Purchase effectively denying others the opportunity to get those reserved copies, all Pre-Purchase sales are final and cannot be refunded. (Note: The only exception to this rule is in case of a change to the cards you have Pre-Purchased in the final release version of the Set. In this case, please contact us with your request and we will refund your Pre-Purchase for the affected cards).

    – What if the cards I wanted to Pre-Purchase are already sold out? Will you put up more copies?

    If the demand is high and most of our Pre-Purchase stocks are depleted, we will indeed make more copies of each card available. A notification e-mail will be sent accordingly to give everyone an equal chance once again. (If you have not received an email with this Pre-Purchase announcement and would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please send us an email at [email protected])

    – How have you determined the prices for all these new cards?

    Using the Auction House sold data of the previous Set’s release and our experience in not only trading but also closely following the metagame since the early days of Hex, we have come up with our best estimate on the projected values of the Set 5 cards for the first few days of its release. It’s possible we may not be correct in each valuation but we are confident we won’t be too far off in most cases.

    – Physical TCG Stores offer Pre-Orders because they are able to buy and crack open packs at discounted wholesale prices from the makers of the TCGs. There are no wholesale discounts in Hex for anyone. How are you able to do this?

    Hex Primal has always been dedicated to providing the most value for the community. So we needed a way to have all the new cards available in our Shop as soon as Set 5 hit, without having to wait for players to sell us their unwanted cards (which is what Shops in other Digital TCGs must and do rely on with every new piece of content) and without having to purchase them from the Auction House at exorbitant prices and unreliable availabilities. We will purchase and crack open hundreds (perhaps thousands if need be) of packs from the official store and guarantee the immediate delivery of your desired cards. We have done this for Set 3 and Set 4 Releases and even though we barely broke even each time, the value of having all the new cards be available on our Shop, from Day 1, was high enough to make it worth it in our books.

    – How can I be sure you will honor your “Within 12-hours post-release” delivery guarantee when I Pre-Purchase from your Shop weeks before I can get my cards?

    We’ve been grateful to have had the chance to earn the trust of the community since we opened our site nearly 2 years ago. We will not jeopardize this with promises we can’t fulfill.

    In case of an extremely unlikely scenario where we aren’t able to deliver within 24 hours, we will refund you for the full amount accompanied with an apology gift.

    – Is there anything else I should know about Pre-Purchasing?

    The Pre-Purchase prices we have set will not be lowered during the entire Pre-Purchase period. The price you see is the lowest it will be until the program ends upon release.

    If you have any further questions or inquiries regarding our Herofall Pre-Purchase Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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