Trading card games are unlike any other gaming genre out there – you’re challenged to sift through millions of permutations to try to find those few exact combinations that will best accomplish what you’re seeking to do. In most cases it’s to try to get the most consistent and powerful deck to try to conquer a standard format where most of the competition takes place.

But Hex’s PvE campaign goes much beyond that. Not only are the goal posts constantly moving making you take on completely different encounters and dungeons but you don’t necessarily need to have the best/most efficient deck out there to be ‘successful’. While it might take you a bit longer to complete the encounter and the AI might give you a better fight, you can still feel great in accomplishing your goals on your own terms.

When you add things like equipments, class abilities, champion/mercenary choices, gems, and racial talents..what you’re left with is a limitless canvas to express yourself and the liberty to actually experience them through the wonders of an emotionless AI opponent that won’t mind as you go feed your pet in the middle of what is a 5 minute long combo activation.

How does our spoiler fit into all of this? It’s actually just another awesome card among the hundreds already in the game. But it serves as a great example of how one single new card can spawn a ton of new decks and ways to win the game.

Deathcry ability triggers upon the troop's death.
Deathcry ability triggers upon the troop’s death.

In some decks Wildflame Phoenix will simply be a well costed 4/2 for 4 with Flight with a potential one sided board clear baked into it. And if this is the only way you choose to utilize it, that’s completely fine.

But then there will be those who make it a more central focus of their deck. Maybe you have a playset of Hand of the Black Crucible sitting in your collection which you haven’t been able to make use of in PvP due to its rather expensive cost. Well now with the introduction of a card like Wildflame Phoenix and the Breast of the Phoenix equipment, you suddenly have the core of what could be a really fun deck.


And yet there will be those that go even further, perhaps building a deck solely around Wildflame Phoenix and its potentially game winning ability. But even with that route there are many possible ways to go about it: do you try to shift it an ability that’ll turn it into a card drawing engine (Grim Martyr, Marrowmage) or do you try to reduce its cost (Furybringer, Mindcall) so you can potentially play it multiple times in the same turn, or maybe both if you’re ambitious? Or you go for one big blow with a Jags the Blademaster inspiration and a hand with expensive alternate win-con cards (Psychic Ascension, Slithering Marauder). The possibilities are vast and in the stress free PvE world they’re actually viable.

And it doesn’t stop there with tons of other cards that interact with it in some way and a constant flow of new tools that could interact with it one day. We hope you’re just as excited as us for the upcoming PvE update and are reminded thanks to Wildflame Phoenix that old cards can rise from the ashes and obtain new life.

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