Our goal with the Hex Primal Shop has always been to make it as easy to use and as convenient as possible. The Hex in-game auction house isn’t exactly the most user-friendly tool so for the past 2 years, we’ve tried our best to offer a reliable alternate option for those wishing to quickly get their hands on the cards they desire.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new tool that should dramatically speed up the process of purchasing a large set of cards: The QuickBuy Tool. This tool is basically a form where you can type or paste your shopping list line by line and then add to your cart all those products in your specified quantities with the simple click of a button. This is a perfect way to quickly buy specific decklists you have seen or cards on your wishlist that are missing for you to complete your collection.

All you have to do is place the quantity of the product you wish to buy followed by its name. It’s important that for each new product, you place it in a new line. When you press “Add Products To Cart” you will be redirected to the cart page where you can see the total price and make adjustments if necessary. Please note that normal restrictions such as maximum 4 copies of any card or 1 of any equipment still apply.


Buying Decks

You can use the tool to quickly add a bunch of cards you have in mind but the most useful application will most likely be browsing a site like HexMeta.com, finding a deck that you like, and then copy pasting it in our tool to essentially buy the deck in seconds. Once you browse to an individual deck on HexMeta, press the “Text” tab, and you will be able to select the cards and easily copy paste them into the form on our QuickBuy tool page. The tool is able to recognize both 4x Product Name and 4 Product Name formats (as long as the “x” directly follows the number without spaces in between). Any card which doesn’t exist for purchase (such as basic shards or misspelled items) will simply be ignored and you’ll be given a suitable notification.


Buying Wishlists

Hex.tcgbrowser.com is an excellent website to help track your collection. Once you sync your collection with the site, you are able to auto-generate a Wishlist of cards missing from your collection having a full Playset (4 of each card). Export your Wishlist to Excel (as seen in pic below), make a column that combines “Amount” and “Card” columns (with space in between), copy/paste the combined column from Excel into the QuickBuy tool, and complete your collection!



If you have checked out the tool page, you’ll notice it’s very simple and lightweight. This is purposefully done to allow mobile users to load the page quickly and be able to efficiently shop while on the go. The URL hexprimal.com/quickbuy is easy to remember so feel free to try it out next time you come up with a deck idea on the commute home or while travelling to have the cards ready in your account by the time of your arrival.

Please feel free to reach us via the contact form for any problems or feedback regarding the QuickBuy tool.

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