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October/November 2015 Draw
December 2015/January 2016 Draw
February/March 2016 Draw
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June/July 2016 Draw
August/September 2016 Draw
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Draw Details

– For every $10 you spend in our Shop (cumulative) during the draw period, your name will be entered into the drawing. For example, if you spend $205 during the specified period, your name will be entered 20 times.
– The drawing will take place on the last day of every two months.
– In order to give everyone a chance to win a prize, one person cannot win more than one prize for that period (highest-value prize will be drawn first, followed by the next highest, etc).
– will be used to determine the winners.


The Drawing for June/July has taken place and here are the lucky winners and their prizes:

Splinterverse: 1x Shards of Fate Poster Sleeves
Zetacross: 1x Kickstarter PvE Card Set: The Crowd Roars!, Lady Cassandra, Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter, The Wrath of Zakiir, Slithering Marauder, Darad, the Scourgeblade, Ninja Training, Orson’s Dream, Princess Cory, Moment of Glory, Spectral Assassin, Chest’O Hex
rydog: 1x Set 1-3 Chest PvE Card Set: Volley, Horrific Poltergeist, Alchemy Lab, Radiant Salvation, Scourgecrag Witch, Cerulean Sky Mage, Angel of Foresight, Rain of Meteors, Soul Devour, Wildwood Beastcaller, Vengeance of the Ancient Kings, Optimatron, Graveblade Skirmisher, Nazhk Scrounger, Arcane Dreamcatcher, Ashwood Smiter, Defiler of the Fallen, Warp Stone
Rengo: 1x Kickstarter AA Set: Pack Raptor AA, Extinction AA, Ragefire AA, Replicator’s Gambit AA, Princess Victoria AA
Spit: 1x Gold AA Set: Buccaneer AA, Burn AA, Kill AA, Repel AA, Sapper’s Charge AA, Survival of the Fittest AA
mxspark: 1x 4th VIP AA Set: Quash Ridge Tusker AA, Exarch of the Egg AA
Phlux: $10 Store Credit
Joezimmers: $10 Store Credit
Malekith: $10 Store Credit
ArcaneOne: $10 Store Credit
Harmothoe: $10 Store Credit
martypunker: $10 Store Credit
Bragg: $10 Store Credit
Correctamundo: $10 Store Credit
Varstael: $10 Store Credit
fullmetaladept: $10 Store Credit
Fauxnetics: $10 Store Credit
Lusankya: $10 Store Credit
NephilimArmy: $10 Store Credit
astroburger: $10 Store Credit
ohnos: $10 Store Credit
Turls: $10 Store Credit
hammerelf: $10 Store Credit
Monthieu: $10 Store Credit
ichado: $10 Store Credit
THEME: $10 Store Credit

Cards have been sent to the winner IGNs and the Store Credit have been issued to the registered email addresses.

This was the last drawing as our Rewards Program has now transitioned to the Primal Club, where users can pick their own rewards and move through different Tiers, each with their own unique perks.

Your primal source for all things Hex TCG.


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