Hey everyone, Cyriius here.

I’m back on Hex for some more Standard brews that performed quite well for me and more importantly I am having a blast with those.
We’ll start off with probably one of my favorite type of decks and playstyles, aka Midrange/Combo Troop-based deck.

A Midrange/Combo Deck

Quick explanation about that type of deck and why I love this. It’s usually a deck full of troops that synergize well together and that happen to be able to combo off thanks to those synergies.

Let’s talk about the Combo

It’s all based around one specific card: Deathseeker and his Scrounge 4 ability.

Deathseeker + a sacrifice outlet + an enabler/token generator.

When you go off with this deck it’s not quite an infinite combo, but it’s more an extreme value for 1 resource and surely enough to win the game.

Example: If the enabler is Promiscuous Succubus, you get a 6/6 per resource spent, with champion power 2x 1/1 Troops per resource spent.

The List

Looping Deathseeker

The Synergies

This deck is full of interaction from Deathcry synergy with Lord Blightbark to Deathcry abilities put on Spiritbound Spy to make it trigger twice.
The deck can actually out-value lots of decks just with those without even going off.

Note : Be careful about the combo of Lord Blightbark + Spiritbound Spy (which will turn it into a Phantom right away).

The Build

It’s pretty much a classic Underworld Crusader midrange deck that has more sacrifice outlets instead of the reanimator/Cottontail Explorer package.

Why Splash Diamond?

Spiritbound Spy is key when it comes to more aggressive match-ups to not get overwhelmed by explosive draws. It also allows us to have good synergies outside of the combo and also enable Sepulchra Crypt Dust fairly easily.

Diamond also allows us to play an additional sacrifice outlet aka Grim Harvester.

The draw back => It makes the shardbase difficult to play and sequencing them wrong is really punishing, sometimes even clunky since we got 8 Wells.
However, it has still performed really solidly and consistantly overall.

Card by Card

Underworld Crusader with Speed Socket
This card is probably the strongest 3 drop with Hierophant in this deck. The constraints of playing 10 underworld troop is pretty minor.
This deck needs to put pressure in order to force the opponent to trade and fill our crypt so we can Scrounge fast enough. This card accomplishes it and also allows us to draw cards thanks to that wonderful Deathcry ability.

Rune Ear Hierophant with Abomination/Bush Socket

It is basically the best combination in this deck as 3 for 1 is always sweet, especially when it comes to filling up the crypt to enable the Scrounge 4 of Deathseeker. This card also applies pressure because we generate tons of troops.

Promiscuous Succubus

One of the few flyers we have but what a flyer it is. In this deck, the Deathcry ability really shines with all those synergies with Spiritbound Spy and Deathseeker.

Emperor’s Lackey / Giant Centipede

Those are the main sacrifice outlets! They are key to enable all the synergies and also not get blown out by Clash of Steel or other void effects.
Giant Centipede is probably the best of them but the none allegiance/none relevant troop type is painful for Monsagi Lilypad. I valued consistency over raw power here.

The One Ofs

Disciple of Yazukan – This is an additional recurring threat that makes good use of Deathcry abilities you put on him.

Grim Harvester – It’s an additional sacrifice outlet. The combo is way more expensive with it but pinging down the opponent is sometimes really relevant.

Woken Drokkatar – This troops is a good finisher. Since you generate tons of troops it’s fairly easy to cast it quickly at a small cost.

The Two Ofs

Mad Progenitist – This is actually really important since it does it all: generate some Dreadlings to fill up the crypt early game and then combo off with Deathseeker coming back to hand.

Lord Blightbark – We are after all a Deathcry deck but since we have less Deathcry troop and a anti-synergy (with Spiritbound Spy) 2 is the maximum amount we can play.


Herofall – A generic and reliable removal.

Death’s Head Rider – It’s an additional removal that can be relevant vs Aegilus or Gargalith for example.

Paw of Yazukan – A generic answer to constants and artifacts in additional of being a generic troop removal.

The Reserves

Note : Don’t forget that depending on the metagame, the reserves are supposed to change with more or less copy of specific cards or more hateful answers to certain decks.

Casualty of War – Potent removal versus your number 1 enemy, aka Bride of the Damned

Malevolent Machinations – A good removal that can sometimes be used as a finisher. This card is extremely good versus aggro.

Scouring Light – This card is a little narrow but it is extremely good vs Renner and Papa Goot.

Closed Coffins – This card is a really good card in the Deathcry match up.

Gemborn Prowler – This one is really good against socket decks and Dark Heart of Nulzann centric decks even though Dark Heart is not our number 1 problem and sometimes even helps us.

Woken Drokkatar – If you need more finishers, this guy is really good.

Paw of Yazukan – An additional one allows you to have more answer vs artifacts (Locket of Reflection) or Constants.

Culmination of Blood – This is a must have and could definitely be maindeck but I decided to have a narrow maindeck with a focused plan rather than metagame my maindeck. This card is gas versus control and Deathcry since you can enable it really really fast.

Rotpaw Gang – This guy is amazing vs midrange and decent against control as it also happens to be a sacrifice outlet.

The Gameplay

– This deck is Midrange-type which means you have to be aware of the meta well to know what role you should have in which match up. This is important because in some match ups you will hold onto your Deathseeker to be able to Scrounge 4, where in others you won’t.

– Most of the time the first 3 turns are important for your shardbase setup because, as I mentioned earlier, sequencing shards properly is key here:
You need 1 Blood & 1 Wild as a priority, then your 2nd Blood or 1st Diamond resource.

– Always keep in mind that you have way more Blood sources than Diamond but you only play 5 diamond cards maindeck.

– Holding onto your champion power for Deathseeker or Spiritbound Spy is also important.

– Otherwise this deck is really good at locking down the ground with spies and Hierophant so better keep your removal for important threats or lethal attack.

How to do Reserves

Usually this is tricky as you often remove the Spiritbound Spy or 3 of them  depending if you bring in Underworld troops unless you’re playing vs ruby decks. Again depending on the meta, you can use other cards for personal preference. Otherwise you often switch some one ofs like Woken Drokattar, Death’s Head Rider, Disciple of Yazukan and more.

In the end, you don’t have that many choices since you have to be careful about your shard base and the underworld troops count.


Now for better understanding, I suggest you to check out some of the matches covered during the Hex Bash 7 (where I went 5-2, barely missing Top 8):

I hope you’ll have a blast with it as I always do. This is really enjoyable to play and tons of fun!

If you have any comments or questions I’ll be happy to answer.


Competitive TCG player: Former MTG grinder, DoC Top Player. Now focused on Hex and Hearthstone. 8th during Hex Invitationals with a strong constructed finish. Part of the MoMCards community. Streamer


  1. This deck seems really interesting! Ive recently started looking into hex(coming from magic) and i really like sacrifice based decks. How well do you think this build will hold up post rotation? im raring to get into the game but the looming rotation is killing me.


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