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Hex Entertainment CEO Cory Jones recently announced that Set 10 release may be delayed for a few months “to expand what HEX Entertainment does in an effort to build us up into a slightly larger developer / publisher”. This means everyone will have a bit more time to play with the existing Sets and round out their collections. To help with this, we came up with a truly value-packed promotion that will be in place until the release of Set 10.

For every order of $100 or more (after coupon/discounts have been applied), you will earn a Gift of your choice that is worth approximately $50. We have put together 75 Gift packages that include some of the most exclusive, rare, and impactful products in the game. Each Gift package is available in limited supply, so do act fast if you’ve got your eye on a specific one. If your cart is above $100, please specify on the checkout page (in the order notes) which the gift you would like to receive. You can see them all on this page. Here is the full list:

Herofall AAA x 2
Ozawa, Cosmic Elder AA x 4
Sunsoul Phoenix AAA x 4
Vampire Princess AA x 4
Vampire Prince AA x 4
Cerulean Mirror Knight AA x 4
Periwinkle AA x 4
Soul Marble AA x 4
Living Totem AA x 4
Tribunal Magistrate AA x 4
Filk Ape AA x 4
Balthasar AA x 4
Jank Bot AA x 4
Animus of Nulzann AA x 4
Guardian Angel AA x 4
Scheme AA x 4
Mastery of Time AA x 4
Genesis Pool Naiad AA x 4
Dark Heart of Nulzann AA x 4
Chronic Madness AA x 4
Acolyte of Shoku AA x 4
Rotten Rancor AA x 4
Naagaan Lapidary AA x 4
Extinction AA x 4, Princess Victoria AA x 4
Ragefire AA x 4, Replicator’s Gambit AA x 4
Crocosaur AA x 4, Carnasaurus AA x 4
Pack Raptor AA x 4, Succulent Cluckodon AA x 4
Zeddek’s Judgment AA x 4, Uruunaz the Merciless AAA x 4
Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA x 4, Menacing Gralk AA x 4
Burn AA x 4, Repel AA x 4, Kill AA x 4, Buccaneer AA x 4
Vampire King x 4
Wrathwood Master Moss x 4, Oberon’s Eulogy x 4
Archmage Wrenlocke x 4, Starcaller Ancient x 4
Phenteo the Brood Priest x 4, Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin x 4
Sunsoul Phoenix x 4, Zakiir x 4
High Infinitrix x 4, Angel of Dawn x 4
Reese the Crustcrawler x 4, Forge of Cadoc x 4
Pack Raptor x 4, Extinction x 4
Sight of the Sun x 4, Ozawa, Cosmic Elder x 4, Windsinger, Master of the Hunt x 4, Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate x 4
Uruunaz x 4, Tiaanost x 4, Zeedu x 4, Jadiim x 4
Eye of Creation x 4, Walking Calamity x 4, Crocosaur x 4, Arborean Rootfather x 4
Reginald Lancashire x 4, Ragefire x 4, Heat Wave x 4, Soul of Battle x 4
Tribunal Magistrate x 4, Exarch of the Egg x 4, Bastardspawn of Bokrug x 4, Azurefate Sorceress x 4
William Rowan x 4, Protectorate Defender x 4, Spearcliff Cloud Knight x 4, Wise Magistrate x 4
The Killipede x 4, Vampire Princess x 4, Zombie Plague x 4, Minion Of Yazukan x 4
Holy Ascension x 4, Incantation of Righteousness x 4, Radiant Physician x 4, Soul Marble x 4
Mass Polymorph: Dingler x 4, Transmogrifade x 4, Storm Cloud x 4, Cyclone Shaper x 4
Replicator’s Gambit x 4, Scheme x 4, Silver Talon Adjudicator x 4, Hogarth the Mad x 4
Empress of Ice x 4, Commander P.R.O.M.P.T. x 4, Deny x 4, Alchemite x 4
Dormant One x 4, Horrors of War x 4, Graven Geist x 4, Cryptcurse Knight x 4
Hero of Legend x 4, Martyred Saint x 4, Clash of Steel x 4, Moonrise Elder x 4
Bounty of the Magus x 4, Violet’s Caress x 4, Vampire Prince x 4, Primordial Cockatwice x 4
Mordrom’s Gift x 4, Uruunaz the Merciless x 4,Vampire Queen x 4, Journey Into Nightmare x 4
Prince Zakkaz x 4, Soulspeaker Revenant x 4, Midnight Gatherer x 4, Underworld Crusader x 4
Auspex of Lanupaw x 4, Locket of Reflection x 4, Into the Unknown x 4, Acolyte of Shoku x 4
First of the Host x 4, Eternal Bastion x 4, Merry Caravan x 4, Pippit Pal x 4
Twilight Archon x 4, Scales of Twilight x 4, Day Rider x 4, Blight Knight x 4
Lorenzo the Wyrmsinger x 4,Dreamweaver Ancient x 4, Locke of the Pack x 4,Communion of Wax x 4
Dreamcall x 4, Lixil, Heartsworn x 4, High Joltage x 4, Dread End x 4
Spectral Oak x 1
Angel of Foresight x 4
Lady Cassandra x 4, Moment of Glory x 4
The Crowd Roars! x 4, The Wrath of Zakiir x 4
Storm of the Century x 4, Cloud King x 4, Storm Cloud x 4
Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter x 4, Orson’s Dream x 4, Wildwood Beastcaller x 4, Scourgecrag Witch x 4
Darad, the Scourgeblade x 4, Ninja Training x 4, Leeching Burrower x 4, Fungal Monstrosity x 4
Slithering Marauder x 4, Spectral Assassin x 4, Cerulean Sky Mage x 4, Lady Devonshire x 4
– Legendary Chests (Set 1) x 50
– Legendary Chests (Set 3) x 50
– Legendary Chests (Set 5) x 50
Cardboard Tube Samurai Mercenary, Aethynia Mercenary, Mooof Mercenary, Monkey of the Nine Tails Mercenary, Mephistophelius Mercenary
Gax, The Sly Roller Mercenary, Portensio Of Avon Mercenary, Brosi Buk Mercenary, Scion of Uruunaz Mercenary, Zoltog Mercenary
– Convocation 2013/2014 Packs x 5
– Convocation 2015 Packs x 10
– Convocation 2016 Packs x 40

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