We started HexPrimal nearly three years ago with the goal of making a comprehensive portal for all the needs of the community in Hex, a game that we, just like you, felt very passionately about as a lifestyle hobby. Standing here today, nearly 2 million pageviews later, we firmly believe we’ve achieved that. Thanks to YOUR support, we’ve been able to create polished in-depth resources to help promote the game to newer players, timely strategic articles from the game’s top minds, detailed guides that help you get more out of the game, and the privilege of being able to give back by sponsoring a major in-client free tournament with prizes worth thousands of dollars.

As a small team serving what is still a very niche market, this hasn’t always been easy. Actually paying content creators, trying to polish every bit of content we put out, manually making sure the shop is well stocked and orders quickly delivered, all take significant resources. After thousands of transactions, we’re proud to achieve and still strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

It’s a lot of work for what is ultimately a hobby for us, but we have to treat this as a business if we want to keep going and be around for as long as Hex is around… which by Cory Jones’ estimation is at least the year 3017. For that to happen we realized we need to create clones of ourselves it was necessary to fully appreciate and reward the people who’re making this all possible, and that’s you, our loyal customer who’s stuck by us as your source of new cards and items. In light of that, we’re launching the Primal Club.

The Primal Club

The Primal Club is a totally free bonus rewards and benefits program that customers will be able to take advantage of (as long as you have a registered account) by continuing to do what they are already doing. For every dollar spent, you will earn 100 Primal Points (PP) that will accumulate and serve as a second currency which you can use at the exclusive Primal Club store. The products listed here will be available until stocks last but rest assured we will continuously add new interesting Hex items for you to spend you Primal Points on so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

The Tiers

The second part of the Primal Club is the different Tiered levels you can reach based on your total lifetime PP earnings (PP you spend at anytime doesn’t get deducted from this total). Here are the Tiers and the amount of PP required to reach them:

– Primal Club Tier –
– Total PP earned –
– PP earning Rate –
x 1.00
x 1.10
x 1.30
x 1.60
x 2.00

Everyone starts as a Dingler and PP is earned at 100 PP per dollar spent. Once you’ve earned a total of 40,000 PP, you are upgraded to Knight and your PP earning rate is increased by 10% to 110 PP earned for each dollar spent. That means if you reach the Primal tier, you will earn 100% more PP for every dollar you spend. You can check your total accumulated and available points in the “My Account” page if you’re logged in. Note that when you want to redeem your PP for products, you will need to checkout with only items listed on the Primal Club store (and not a mix of $ listed and PP listed products).

Here are the Rewards and Perks for reaching each Tier (separate from the Rewards you use your PP on):

Knight (40,000 PP earned)
– 2 Primal Club Primal Packs (26 Rares, 4 Legendaries)
– PP earned 10% faster.

King (90,000 PP earned)
– 3 Primal Club Primal Packs (39 Rares, 6 Legendaries)
– PP earned 30% faster.

Dragon (160,000 PP earned)
– 4 Primal Club Primal Packs (52 Rares, 8 Legendaries)
– PP earned 60% faster.

Primal (300,000 PP earned)
– 6 Primal Club Primal Packs (78 Rares, 12 Legendaries)
– PP earned 100% faster.
– Playset of Commons + Uncommons from the upcoming PvP set on Release Day.
– Exclusive Pre-Purchase Access.
– Exclusive interview to be featured on site OR choose the topic of the next Guide/Article.

In the future we plan to make the earning of PP available through other means, because we truly appreciate all the support we get whether it be a shoutout on a stream or a referral by someone on social media – but for now we’re keeping things simple. This also means that the bi-monthly raffles that we’ve held for nearly two years is coming to an end with the upcoming drawing on August 1st, as the Primal Club is just simply a superior, fairer, and more rewarding way of doing things.

We want to use this opportunity to thank you once again for all your support all these years, and we hope to see you in the Primal Club.

Your primal source for all things Hex TCG.