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Psychotic Anarchist

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Product Type: PvP Card
Set: Shattered Destiny
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Troop
Cost: 2
Description: Speed
When this deals damage to an opposing champion, each champion draws a card.

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1 review for Psychotic Anarchist

  1. 5 out of 5


    One of the most underrated cards of the set, this guy has rapidly grown into one of my favorite Ruby cards. A 2/2 with speed for 2 is already a great deal in aggressive decks, and his ability to help you draw even more gas to press your advantage is a great deal. One of the problems most aggro decks run into is that they end up stalling out as they run out of steam. This guy helps with that by drawing you more cards to inflict more pain. Although your opponent is drawing cards as well, odds are your deck is most suited towards playing a ton of cards quickly. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon to have your opponents discard their bonus card in the early game, since they can’t play their cards fast enough!

    In PvE – this guy is great for punishing the AI. Coupled with combat tricks like Crushing Blow and other burn spells, you can generally kill the AI by overrunning them before they can get really get going with their deck theme. Solid card all around and highly recommended to collect a set of 4-of.

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