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Pupil of Creation

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Product Type: PvP Card
Set: Armies of Myth
Rarity: Legendary
Card Type: Troop
Cost: 1
Description: When you play a card with cost or greater, add a creation counter to this. Then, this gets +2/+2.
: , Remove all creation counters from this Reveal cards from the top of your deck equal to the number of creation counters removed this way. Plat the revealed troops for free. Put the remaining cards into your deck.

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1 review for Pupil of Creation

  1. 5 out of 5


    People have said this card probably won’t be useful. I don’t care if they’re right or wrong, I just know that I love this card. It has a real ethereal sense to its portrayal of wild magic that I just don’t get from a lot of other cards, and the pupil herself (himself? I can see the obvious but the Hex update referring to her as he was never fixed, so maybe it was intentional) looks pretty amazing. The extended art preview we got only heightens my anticipation for this card’s release; I’ll definitely be using the pupil in a deck if I can get my hands on one, regardless of how useful it ends up being in the meta.

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