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Constructed Rating Scale:

5 This card is OP and printing it might have been a mistake.
4.5 A meta defining card that will dictate the standard format.
4 An awesome card that might shape its own T1-T1.5 deck.
3.5 A very good card that will be a prominent part of a T1/T1.5 deck.
3 A good card that should see the inside of a T1/T1.5 deck.
2.5 Should be a key part of a T2/T3 deck.
2 Should be an influential reserves card for a top tier deck.
1.5 Maaaybe will be a card some try in their T2/T3 decks.
1 Bad card, don’t play it.
0.5 Terrible card, you’ll be better off playing a Shard than this.
0 Cyber dust, shouldn’t have been printed.

Adamanthian Cavalry
Constructed Rating: Sometimes instead of just wasting words trying to explain why a card might or might not be good, it’s easier to just link a card: Golden Avenger.
Ancestral Ambush
Constructed Rating: There are a few 4 cost Ardent troops that could really swing the tide of games (Silver Talon Adjudicator for example) but for the most part you’re probably going to get a 3/3 blocker that’s at best going to ambush a lower costed card but realistically you’d be lucky to just trade card for card. Given the extreme RNG and tight requirements and no real reason to hate on unblockable cards in this fashion, this card is ancestral technology you won’t have use for in constructed.
Angel of Atonement
Constructed Rating: With the plethora of transform and buff effects seeing widespread use in constructed, reversion is an ability that has outgrown its niche foundations. Being able to target cards and not just troops, and being able to target opponent cards as well makes this incredibly flexible. The 3/3 Flight body for 4 is very respectable as well and while there are certain combos this allows like with Danse Macabre, it’ll probably be most relevant in reserves as an answer to cards like Transmogrifade and Dread End.
Ardent Courage
Constructed Rating: The Quick aspect doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ll prefer something like Rally of Kings or Ardent Fellowship in most cases that stays in the game permanently.
Ardent Fellowship
Constructed Rating: The ideal scenario of giving all your troops +4/+4 is certainly enticing. However any time a card is entirely useless on an empty board you have to be wary. If you have multiple different troops of different races you’re probably already doing pretty well, so this seems more likely to be a win-more card than something that’s going to drastically change the course of the game on your behalf.
Awakened Herald
Constructed Rating: Virtually identical to Royal Herald but in fact slightly better for it’s ability to give you access to 3 new thresholds (since playing this you’re presumed to already have a Diamond threshold). Unlikely to see play as the Midnight deck took quite the beating with rotation and the Immortal format has much better fixing with the likes of Lixil, the Deathless Gem herself.
Battle Scrivener
Constructed Rating: With cards like Immortality and Mentor of the Wind rotating out, Diamond doesn’t have access to the potent anti-aggro cards it used to. Battle Scrivener has 4 defense and potentially renewable life gain going for it but costing 3 could be a dealbreaker and Angus decks would have to be even more dominant than last set for anyone to consider it.
Blessed Scout
Constructed Rating: If you’re playing a 1/3, you probably don’t want to be attacking with it to trigger its Diligence. That leaves behind the option to exhaust this in other ways to go for a longer game strategy…at which point creating a 1 cost troop is probably not what you want to be doing.
Constructed Rating: A pretty sizable trick but it’s most notable benefit is activating Diligence abilities before your opponent expects. Unfortunately that isn’t enough of an upside to risk 2 for 1’ing yourself and of course it’s very situational making it potentially a dead card in many cases.
Canyon Fleetfoot
Constructed Rating: This is actually a pretty nifty anti-aggro troop that’s capable of ambushing an opponent’s troops as early as turn 2. Being Quick allows you to keep resources open for other things should you require it. It’s really poor against non aggressive decks however so the speed of the format will determine where this Coyotle lands.
Constructed Rating: Diamond’s single target removal has always come at a cost. Whether its need to target the right attack/defense troop, or need the troop to attack or leaving behind some collateral damage. In this case the action being at basic speed removes the need for us to even consider its pros and cons as you’ll always prefer the options that are present at Quick speed. Conditional single target removal and Basic speed shouldn’t be uttered in the same breath, and anyone who does deserves the choking.
Darkfall Patriarch
Constructed Rating: The socketed archetype has some interesting things going for it, but playing a 4/5 vanilla troop slightly early is probably not going to make or break it’s constructed relevance.
Daughter of the Poet
Constructed Rating: Daughter of the Poet serves three different roles and while they don’t have synergy between them in any way, they do ensure that she’ll pull her weight regardless of the matchup. As a 2/2 Lifedrain she’s a must-remove for aggressive decks, her Flight granting ability will give weenie decks the ability to keep pushing damage through (not too unlike Highlands Shinobi), and her 5 threshold ability makes her a force in the mid to late game as well. In short, why the hell wouldn’t you play this card?
Dawn Mesa Duo
Constructed Rating: Not fully convinced the Ardent Fellowship deck is going to be a thing but this card certainly makes you reconsider. It’s able to drop on turn 3 as a minimum 3/3 Lifedrain and create potentially multiple Valor for your cause. I still don’t see this more than a lower tier constructed that can get you wins on the ladder but don’t expect to win any tournaments with it.
Decree of Banishing
Constructed Rating: Playable a full turn earlier than constructed regular Bring to Justice and easy on the threshold requirements, players will most certainly accept the potential risks and play it prominently in their decks. It pairs very poorly with a card like Clash of Steel however so the D/S control decks will need to look elsewhere.
Diamond’s Favor
Constructed Rating: While this card could see maindeck play should constants become a real problem in Standard, its use is more relevant in Immortal where it will be the removal of choice for dealing with giant spellshielded Rune Ear Hierophant or Arborean Rootfather.
Dream Guide
Constructed Rating: Diamond weenie decks can hardly afford playing many troops above cost 2 not named Ardent Crusader in their list, but Dream Guide makes an interesting pairing with Valiant Escort for example as they can repeatedly interact with each other.
Friar Tusk
Constructed Rating: Not exactly holding its own when standing next to High Infinitrix or Daughter of the Poet, but then again who can really blame it.
Gallant Spearcliff
Constructed Rating: I love 2/4 Flight troops for 4 in limited but in constructed that’s way below curve.
Holy Reprisal
Constructed Rating: Probably 1 resource cost away from seeing widespread play. You probably can’t afford to take your whole 4th turn away playing just one card, but the health gain somewhat makes up for it. Another potential way to deal with Spellshielded troops but in this case it’s much easier to play around.
Hope on the Horizon
Constructed Rating: If you manage to pull it off, this has powerful applications with Deploy ability cards like Thunderfield Elder, Silver Talon Adjudicator. However the chance of being two for oned is too great and you’ll only likely pair it with troops you don’t mind losing like Thunderfield Seer and Exalted Professor. It’s likely too slow of an interaction for top tier decks to bother with.
Intrepid Conjurer
Constructed Rating: Intrepid Conjurer perfectly fits into a Diamond based Valor deck as a card that not only puts on the beats but can be a real headache in the mid-game as well with how easily it allows you to go wide.
Llama Herder
Constructed Rating: A skill testing card that some will use to great effect while others might potentially throw a game employing it in the wrong fashion. In an aggressive deck you ideally want to be swinging with your troops every turn so you might be hard pressed to activate this card’s Diligence as quickly as you might want, but there are times when you’ll get a lotta Llama value as well. Ultimately it seems to fit in better in a deck that really wants to enable Diligence and maybe even Mobilize, but you’ll need to avoid herd mentality to come up with that.
Loregoyle Curator
Constructed Rating: You only have to look at Loregoyle itself to see how pushed this card seems to be. A 2/4 Flight for 3 is a very respectable body and the ability itself not only disrupts a ton of relevant archetypes (Kagulichu to name one), but it even serves as a win con given enough time. This fits somewhere between maindeck playable and reserves card, and the shape of the meta and their reliance on the crypt will likely determine where it falls.
Maimed Shrieker
Constructed Rating: What in the world is this montrosity… It’s like Granite Giant and Paladin of Naagaan had a sick baby.
Martyred Saint
Constructed Rating: Probably too expensive to be a key player in any top tier deck, it still stands out as an interesting answer to Mama Yeti due to its unkillable nature against Ruby. We have a full write-up on this here.
Memory of the Fallen
Constructed Rating: Would need 2 OTHER different race troops on board for this to be good. I shall have no memory of this card from this point onward.
Mesa Caretaker
Constructed Rating: If you spend all your time Conscripting troops and playing Valor on them you’re either playing the wrong format or have a bad deck.
Midnight Gatherer
Constructed Rating: This is a fantastic card in a 5 threshold ‘Midnight’ deck as it not only helps with threshold fixing early on, but it can turn into a game swinging finsher as soon as turn 4. I imagine even if the Midnight archetype is too weakened in Standard for this to feature, it’ll appear in Immortal.
Mooncall Ceremony
Constructed Rating: There are 43 Ardent troops costing 3 or more just in Sets 3-5 alone so know from the start that you’re essentially spinning the wheels of fate when you decide to play this. The 2 cost Diamond troops you could choose to play are better than the average 3 cost troop I’d say (especially when you consider synergy and Ardent troop requirements for Ardent Crusader) and you don’t have to spend an extra resource playing it. However there’s a card in this set called Grandfather’s Totem and for that alone this card will be played as it enables that troop to gain Spellshield and eventually take over the game.
Moonglow Hunter
Constructed Rating: Even if this put the conscripted troop into play it wouldn’t be good enough for constructed.
Constructed Rating: Shield Bash might seem like a good reference point but this card is almost semi constructed playable because it could not only protect a troop like Mindwrack Sorcerer from removal or a block against a Mama Yeti but it also helps activate its Diligence ability all for 1 cost.
Razoredge Duelist
Constructed Rating: There’s a lot of quality 2 cost Diamond troops, this is not one of them.
Constructed Rating: Many years passed since Hex CEO Cory Jones proclaimed this to be a great constructed card and still it has not reached that status. If you really want to revert things, Knightsbane Ovo_ champion or Angel of Atonement seem to be better options.
Royal Halberdier
Constructed Rating: Upside is a lesser Constantina and she only received constructed consideration for her hosing of Menacing Gralk.
Spiritbound Vicar
Constructed Rating: The socket archetype is not really known for pumping out early aggressive troops so this Lord-like ability to boost stats across the board doesn’t hold much appeal.
Staunch Resolve
Constructed Rating: Simple rule: just never play expensive single target Basic speed troop buffs unless it promises you to win the game like NOW.
Storm Rider
Constructed Rating: Single target reversion still isn’t all that attractive, especially when tied to a body like that. Only a card that would reward you for reverting would make this constructed playable.
Tale of Compassion
Constructed Rating: Interesting in conjuction with the Ardent gem that readies your troops and gives them +1/+1 but it doesn’t break the inevitable 2 for 1 trap rule that these types of buffs carry.
Talonkeep Watcher
Constructed Rating: On defense you’ll likely prefer something more reliable like a removal action, and on offense you can’t be chained to drawing further copies to attack. You can stare at this card all you want but it’s likely not going to give you the answer you’re looking for.
Totemic Elder
Constructed Rating: Paired with the Minor Ruby of Valor, that’s up to 7 cards that are being generated from just one card! That’s just too much value to pass up.
Trial of Totems
Constructed Rating: Once again we have to consider whether paying 6 total resources for a buffed up random 4 cost troop is worth the effort. You’ll likely be better off just playing something like a High Infinitrix instead.
Constructed Rating: Not too unlike Pride’s Fall, but a potential Valor isn’t going to make up for the outrageous fact that this costs 2 more to cast.
Wakuna Lookout
Constructed Rating: A 1/3 for 1 looks like a nice defensive option should Diamond need it in the reserves against aggro.
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