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Constructed Rating Scale:

5 This card is OP and printing it might have been a mistake.
4.5 A meta defining card that will dictate the standard format.
4 An awesome card that might shape its own T1-T1.5 deck.
3.5 A very good card that will be a prominent part of a T1/T1.5 deck.
3 A good card that should see the inside of a T1/T1.5 deck.
2.5 Should be a key part of a T2/T3 deck.
2 Should be an influential reserves card for a top tier deck.
1.5 Maaaybe will be a card some try in their T2/T3 decks.
1 Bad card, don’t play it.
0.5 Terrible card, you’ll be better off playing a Shard than this.
0 Cyber dust, shouldn’t have been printed.

Ambershire Cavalry
Constructed Rating: Impressive in size and ability, Ambershire Cavalry suffers from having no major impact the moment he hits the board and allows your opponent to comfortably trade a cheap removal for what should be your finisher.
Apprentice Earthcaller
Constructed Rating: Placing it side by side with Satyr’s Roost Bard shows us Apprentice Earthcaller has a long way to go in his apprenticeship.
Aryndel Monk
Constructed Rating: Anytime the word Spellshield is on a card, you must take notice. Eventually it grows to be a 5/5 Spellshield but having to attack into chump blockers and unable to remain back as a blocker really drags it down.
Aspect of the Squirrel
Constructed Rating: In a Dreadling deck, you’re going to have no problem repeatedly creating new copies of this card and turning any old dork into a sizeable threat. The question is whether that’s good enough and if so is it fast enough of a strategy? Probably not as a top tier strategy but in Immortal the Spellshield gem does give it a better chance.
Battle Preparations
Constructed Rating: I take conscript cards more seriously in constructed due to Grandfather’s Totem being something you can really build around. I prefer Mooncall Ceremony as it’s simply cheaper, but perhaps the archetype might need more conscript abilities to be consistent. And you could always get a 4/4 Cloud Runner if you’re lucky 😉
Blind Basilisk
Constructed Rating: Lethal on expensive vanilla troops are usually redundant, you’d be blind not to see it.
Burly Botanist
Constructed Rating: At the point of the game this would drop, your two Dreadlings would be laughed out of the room.
Call of the Deepwood
Constructed Rating: Not a card you’d play in a vacuum (although there are some juicy Ardent 5 drops) and even the conscript decks likely need cheaper or more value-packed activators.
Crossing Swords
Constructed Rating: Putting aside Reginald’s sexual innuendo for a moment, this card has potential for repeated use if you have some ready effects. Coupled with a Diligence effect there’s some fun to be had.
Dauntless Rootshaper
Constructed Rating: The loss of Wrathwood Master Moss leaves Wild lacking in sticky midrange threats. This isn’t nearly as good but it does have Crush and Valors shouldn’t be too hard to come by in the D/W Valor decks. The 3 defense makes it susceptible to a Fireball and that’s going to hurt its chances of seeing top tier play.
Deepwood Drokka
Constructed Rating: This can be a 3/4 in the aforementioned D/W Conscript deck but playing general good troops like Rune Ear Hierophant is probably just going to be better as this is not key to reaping the potential of the Conscript archetype.
Determined Bushi
Constructed Rating: Haven’t been a fan of this cycle, but Determined Bushi can keep on growing and growing and with the Crush ability that’s not meaningless. Of course we have far more powerful troops like Mightsinger of Ages so this really fills no gaps and isn’t Ardent either.
Drokka Outcast
Constructed Rating: Just like Deepwood Drokka, Drokka Outcast requires a full commitment to the Conscript archetype and I don’t feel that’s the best way to go about it.
Eager Lackey
Constructed Rating: I guess this would be one of the cards that goes in the Drokka theme decks but it’s exactly the reason I’d want to stay away.
Earth Mother
Constructed Rating: One of the more powerful Diligence abilities and tacked onto a 1 cost troop that plays early defense. But the fact that the earliest you’ll be able to actually use the extra resource is on turn 4 means this has more of a home in a janky ramp deck than universal appeal such as Howling Brave.
Constructed Rating: A fine limited trick but there’s better Flight hate in Wild than this.
Evolved Tactics
Constructed Rating: Too expensive and without granting Crush, this tactic seems the opposite of evolved to me.
Eye of Winter
Constructed Rating: As a constant that just sits there and gains you permanent resources, this is a card that’s begging to be used in a S/W deck. I mean you even have Winter Moon herself in the art so it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. With cards like Lullaby and a bit of ramp, you could put yourself in position to start a card draw chain and end things pretty quickly from thereon out.
Feralroot Tactics
Constructed Rating: Three cost for a combat trick makes for a poor strategy.
Flufftail Cloudkiller
Constructed Rating: Flight troops have dropped in popularity recently but if they ever pick up in prominence this can be a good reserve card in a Kagulichu deck for something you could potentially Rotten Rancor for a complete air wipe.
Gallant Sentinel
Constructed Rating: News flash: the Gallant cycle was never printed for constructed purposes.
Howling Plains Runner
Constructed Rating: Another expensive Wild troop that doesn’t do anything when it hits the board and its upside is hardly worth caring about.
Jurassic Spark
Constructed Rating: Wrathwood Master Moss has spoiled us enough that we probably don’t care for a vanilla 6/6 for 4, and presumably the Dreadling you’d target with it can be shot down easily as well. If it wasn’t for the latter point, it would have been a good way to halt the Mama Yetis of the world.
Manti Magi
Constructed Rating: In a dedicated Dreadling deck, Manti Magi represents quite the life gain. However it might already be too late by the time you can play him and he’s not exactly great in multiples either.
Moon’ariu Sharpshooter
Constructed Rating: As both a cheap conscript creator and a troop that benefits from mass Dreadling generation, there’s something to like but the sum of the parts aren’t as great as their individual benefits to certain archetypes.
Potent Puffball
Constructed Rating: Neat buff to Dreadling and Shroomkin, but needed to be a few resources cheaper for constructed purposes.
Probewarped Hare
Constructed Rating: A great early blocker able to potential thwart a Mama Yeti or Matriarch of Flames and it fills up your Crypt for Scrounge activations. Might sneak into a Kagulichu Underworld Crusader deck even given its Underworld faction.
Rose Kitten
Constructed Rating: I personally just preferred the Briar Legion as far as collectible plants go.
Rune Ear Recruiter
Constructed Rating: The Shin’hare going wide strategy might have better chances now with Extinction rotated out, but far too many 3 drops outclass this in battle for its abilities to have much relevance.
Shoku’s Garden
Constructed Rating: A normal Dreadling committed strategy shouldn’t be able to outrace the aggro decks of the format, but this card might change all that. With guaranteed Dreadling generation coming through every turn, and this card not only helping to the cause but also stacking quite well in multiples, there’s a recipe for an interesting deck or at least a suitable reserves in a Shoku deck.
Silencing Sneak
Constructed Rating: Not the constant hate you’re looking for.
Snarling Brave
Constructed Rating: Wonder if there’s any family ties to Young Seer. The Diligence effect is too slow to get off and running but it could be a cog in an infinite resource generating combo one day.
Songsmythe Virtuoso
Constructed Rating: Could repelenish your hand quite well as a curve topper in a D/W Valor deck but I much preferred Hero of Legend with its 3 cost. I can see maindecking one of these for the Ardent Crusader requirement but anything more will likely lead to reget.
Constructed Rating: Woah there, a 3/1 Crush for 2 is almost approaching Feral Ogre territory. No wonder he looks so happy.
Spring Renewal
Constructed Rating: If you’re playing a deck focused around a constant like Zorath’s Rectory or Forever’s Bloom, then this card would provide some insurance against opponent’s constant destruction.
Sunspeaker of Wakuna
Constructed Rating: Once again a lack of a Deploy ability is notable and the power it grants you on following turns requires you to play questionable cards and it’s uncertain whether you want those generated cards to go straight into play as well as you’re setting up a devastating Clash of Steel or Dread End from your opponent.
Tale of Trauma
Constructed Rating: Kudos for creating a new way to deal with Spellshield troops but the cost and package it’s in suggests you’ll have a tale of trauma should you try to rely on it.
Constructed Rating: We debated whether we’d even play this at 4 cost so it’s indeed a trashodon for us at 6.
Thunderbolt Warden
Constructed Rating: A 4/4 Skyguard for 4 keeps quite a number of threats away but its ability is preferred in a long game value oriented strategy which this card otherwise doesn’t fit into.
Tilling the Soil
Constructed Rating: With Chlorophyllia gone and Dread Harvest not actually providing any ramp, a card like Tilling the Soil was desperately needed for Wild ramp decks. It doesn’t cycle a Wild shard from your deck or provide Wild threshold or give you a temporary resource, but it does have a nice Scrounge 2 ability that’ll be relevant if you draw this in the late game. This is definitely going to see a ton of play.
Tranquil Seedheart
Constructed Rating: See this is a 5 drop with some impact. You’re going to ambush an opposing troop and grow in the process. The following turn you can swing in and get a free card. It does matchup well against Lorenzo the Wyrmsinger but for example not so much against Mama Yeti. It’s likely a point of defense away from being great.
Constructed Rating: A reprint no one asked for but apparently we needed. Blood and Wild are working closely these days so chances of experiencing Turbulence along Kagu airlines is low.
Wild’s Favor
Constructed Rating: Would have been a neat combo with Oberon’s Eulogy but with that rotating out I feel 2 out of the three options are largely unnecessary. The lifegain can more efficiently be gained with a card like Harvest Moon so it’s going to take a very specific deck that’s going to want to see this in its reserves.
Woken Drokkatar
Constructed Rating: Am I reviewing a 25 cost card, is this really happening or I need to get woken? I see some interesting potential with this card as something that can enable a few Dreadling to go in for lethal out of seemingly nowhere. The steep cost and inability to play it reliably as well as complete vulnerability to removal makes me think the plan is more fun in principle than anything that can be relied on.
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