Set 7 Spoilers

Source: CVM Twitter
Source: CVM Twitter
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Frostform – Frostform is a Diamond/Sapphire power that allows players to play troops for a cheaper Frostform cost. However, doing so comes with its own price. Playing a troop with Frostform means they will transform into an Elemental version of themselves that only has 1 point of Defense.

Gladiator – Gladiator shows up on Ruby and Wild troops this set and gives a troop a boost to stats depending on whose turn it is. During your turn, troops with Gladiator get additional attack, while on opposing players turns they get an additional boost to defense.

Illuminate – The first time you Illuminate it will summon a 1/1 Candlekin Elemental. On subsequent Illuminates, you can choose to summon another such elemental or give all your Candlekin a permanent +1/+1 buff.

Runic – Runic is a keyword found on actions of all shards in Frostheart that gives them the ability to be replayed later in the game for free once a resource enters your hand.

Fateweave – Fateweave is a mechanic that allows you to manipulate your next draw step by allowing you to choose to draw a resource or a non-resource card. When you Fateweave, you’ll be presented with two options: Seek Fortune and Seek Adventure. If you choose to Seek Fortune, then a random resource in your deck will be put on top of your deck. If you choose to Seek Adventure, then a random non-resource card in your deck will be put on top of your deck.

Boon – A random ability from one of the following:

Rage 1

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  1. I bet “Cerulean High Counselor” is one of the Kickstarter rewards where someone get’s their face made onto a card 🙂

  2. This is my obsessive side coming to light, I admit, but it’s worth noting that “Artifacts/Resources” would be better renamed to “Shardless” now that the Bard is there.

    Great and extremely useful list, though. Thanks for updating it so frequently. However, would it be possible to have a “New Spoilers” section, such as showing cards that have been added in the past 24 hours of all colors? Every day or two I come here and scroll to the base of each tab for that information, but the convenience of that feature, a’la MythicSpoiler, would be appreciated.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We’ve changed the tab name to “Shardless/Resources”. As for a “Newest Spoilers” section, we may have it for the next Set’s spoiler page (with the Set 3 Test Server opening next week, we are almost at the end of spoiler season).

  3. Thanks for keeping a running tally of all the new spoilers! It’s super helpful to have somewhere to go to have them all in one place!


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