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“I loved how fast and easy my order was. It’s so easy to get the cards you need for a deck, especially when compared to the slow auction house. I will definitely be doing more business with Hex Primal when I need more cards”
– Totenangst

“Great site, speedy delivery and most importantly, EXCELLENT customer care. Note that the word excellent is in caps and that’s because I cannot stress enough how important customer care/support is in this day and age.”
– Eerie

“Hex Primal is great. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to get what you need compared to the AH, and the delivery is super fast.”
– Wadtomatonia

“Hex Primal…… Delivery as advertized. Highly recommend.”
– Cearnach

“Hex Primal was very responsive and professional in dealing with the delicate matter of real money transactions via the internet. They made me feel comfortable without having to be in person, which is rare. I highly suggest them for all your Hex TCG needs!”
– Nathan L.

“It was easy to order exactly what I wanted and my order was delivered really quickly. Thanks!”
– Brad R.

“All of my transactions with Hex Primal have been awesome and completed quickly with no problems.”
– Caina

“Hex Primal are those kind of neighbours you will always would love to have. They have all your need at a reasonable price and deliver fast as a Quick Action! Thanks so much! I’ll come back!”
– StarWatcher

“Not much to say. Fair prices and quick delivery make this a great site for Hex players. I would recommend to anyone who plays.”
– Josh B.

“HexPrimal always has the best prices on cards and packs. My order always arrives within minutes and I don’t have to worry about leftover platinum or auction-house fees ever again. Thanks to HexPrimal, I can spend more time playing Hex and zero time in the auction-house.”
– Feegert

“Everything as advertised. A pleasure to deal with. I have purchased items multiple times and am very satisfied”
– Jason W.

“Hex is the best digital TCG in the market and Hex Primal is my first choice in obtaining cards outside of the in-game AH. Great selection and prices, and superfast delivery. I’ve spent close to $250 at the store so far and will be coming back for more. Thanks guys!”
– Trygve B.

“Selling cards to HexPrimal was painless and I definitely plan to use them again in the future.”
– Tyler B.

“I Highly recommend HexPrimal to any player wishing not to waste their money in buying packs, with the hope to get specific cards, as it won’t happen often. The solution IS to buy singles and HexPrimal is reliable, has a good delivery time. I spent more than 70 USD, it was super smooth – Will do business again.”
– Seyfini

“I can enjoy the whole content of the game thanks to Hex Primal, the fast delivery, excellent services, and prices are just too great and I can buy always what I need. Thanks guys and continue like that.”
– Draco K.

“Saved me from picking through the auction house. Fair prices and lightning fast service. I highly recommend these guys, they even buy the cards you have no use for!”
– OneArmedNewfie

“Because of IRL matters, I had to quit hex and sell my collection. With many good memories playing this game, not an easy thing to do! Dealing with Hex Primal was the right move tough, the transaction was quick without any issues, these guys are really nice and professionnal, I highly recommend them.”
– Nantes